The Best 50th Class Reunion Ever!
An update on what’s happening for our 50th Class Reunion, for the Carlmont Class of 1967, and some ways you can help make the event more fun for everyone.
How Everyone Can Help!
Buy tickets by the end of June, if possible to help us and the hotel with planning and numbers for the catering department. There is information on tickets paid by check and Ken Lew’s contact information on line at  Ticket prices are $125 per personfor the Saturday Nite Reunion. Price good after July14, 2017; at which time price will go up to$125 per person.
Details can be found at this website:
  • Remind those you are in touch with and want to meet up with about the event so they can save the date and make their plans, too. Staying at the hotel adds to the fun and visiting time. If you need a hotel room, the Embassy Suites still have a few special rate rooms available.
Some deadline dates coming up:
  •          Hotel Rooms available on first come / first served basis for the limited number of rooms being offered by the Embassy Suites.  Deadline to book special rate room:  August 11, 2017
FUN Sharing You Can Be Part of at the event:
YOU THEN and NOW- Bring a photo of yourself when in High School and a Photo of You Now. We’ll have a Then and Now Gallery inside the reunion room and this will help us find you and others and, hopefully make finding each other a bit easier.  Spouse or Partner in the now photo is OK so we can meet them, too.
Photo area for the Now. You can use the Then and Now area for Selfies and Otheries at the Reunion.  Take turns helping others with their snaps and catch up at this location!
LET’S CONNECT – Someone you really want to see and talk to? You can leave them a note on the Message Board, next to their name, to meet up with you when and where at the reunion –  Invite a few for a confab of friends to hang together again at the designated spot and time. The Board will be at the entrance to our event ball room. Check the board from time to time to see if you have fan mail.
CREATIVE CARLMONT – What have you been doing for 50 years?  You can share this with others in a brief 10 minute talk session – bring illustrations, inventions, creations or displays of your work  or play. Musical performances encouraged, book readings fine, demonstrations of inventions, as long as nothing blows up, please. Anyway, you get the picture. We’re a creative group, so share that! Sign up for a time to share and bring a display item for the We DiD This! table to show what you’ve been up to. Talking about it is not mandatory if you just want to share with a display. Share what you’d like to be remembered for contributing to our world or planning for the future!
Anything Else YOU want to do?
If you want to take charge of an activity or interactive happening or meet-up, (Saturday- Sunday Field Trip) or other event or happening before, during or after the reunion  like a  chess club tournament, glee club concert, trip to a SF location on Sat. let us know what YOU want to organize and take charge of and when.  We can let people know to RSVP to you, if you wish, for your planning for your re-union related event.
Our DJ will set up prior to the event. He will play background music for dinner and be available to make announcements or for others to do so. There will be a dance floor and the DJ will provide the entertainment for the rest of the evening.  He will start breaking down at 10:30. 
Volunteers Needed-
  1. Volunteers to help at greeting table the first  ½ hour 2nd 1/2 hour, 3rd  ½ hour to connect people with name badges and keep the wait-time for entry to a minimum at the beginning of the evening and assist any stragglers.
  2. Saturday Day – to help with set-up of a few tables for displays, Then and Now Gallery and other simple decorations and displays. We will need help from 4pm – 5:30pm.

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Class Reunion Dinner - Carlmont High 1967$ 125.00
Dinner and Class Reunion Party - Free Parking at Embassy Suites Lot
When:09/02/2017 6PM-11PM Dinner at 7PM to 8:30PM
Where:Embassy Suites - 250 Gateway Blvd., South San Francisco, 94080
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